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Did you know that over 16 million new victims of identity theft are reported to law enforcement every year? According to the Federal Trade Commission, Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America. “Technology Review with host Mack Jackson Jr.” will inform and educate the public on the fastest growing crime of the 21th century.

Technology Review will air on network Friday at 3 pm. is where social media meets TV. Reaching millions of listeners with live talk and archived shows that can be streamed 24/7. Technology Review will post live comments to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and all social media networks. Our TV show will appear through Google giving the show and sponsors access to a growing target market. Listeners can hear our show through the web, mobile and their smart device anytime from anywhere.

Our show will bring increased awareness to the public on Identity Theft and communicate the importance of simple measures in protecting your business and yourself from fraud.

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Technology Review TV is on the leading edge of cyber crimes and Identity Theft prevention.  We provide tips, stories, knowledge, news, laws and regulations that can affect your family and business.  

Here is where your come in, to help us get our message out to the public.  Click on the link on the right, and make a donation and we weil give you or your organization a shout out on our show.  Your donation will assist in this important research on cyber crimes prevention and mitigation.  Parts of your donation will be given to a local charity.



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Mack Jackson Jr. is a expert on Internet security systems and compliance. He brings increased security awareness to his audiences and communicates the importance of security measures in protecting your business. Mack will show you how to improve your security plan, data breaches and avoid legal hassles. His passion and personality will energize and inspire you to protect your information and his ability to make complicated information clear and understandable. He will help you keep your personal information safe online.

Mack Jackson Jr

Cyber Security Expert, Author and Speaker

HR Manager

"My credit card was stolen from a restaurant.  This show helped me get the charges off my credit report.

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Joe Dunn

Andrea Sun

Business Owner

"Training our employees is now one our my company's priorities.  We have developed policies that are effective.

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